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Rep Delgado congratulates new Illinois Speaker of the House, Emanuel 'Chris' Welch

January 13, 2021

I would also like to congratulate the new Illinois Speaker of the House, Emanuel "Chris" Welch, for making history today as the first Black House Speaker in Illinois! I look forward to working with Speaker Welch and the entire Illinois General Assembly.

As we enter into a new era in Illinois politics, we have the opportunity to address the need for ethics reform, racial equity, our budget shortfall, and focus on the economy and healthcare. I will continue working hard for our district and all citizens of the State of Illinois.


Press Release from the Illinois House Democratic Women's Caucus

September 1, 2020

As someone who worked her way through both business and government and now is a newly established female leader in government, Delgado has some wisdom to impart on young women working their way up; “Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. I wish someone told me that when I was younger. I always thought that if it felt uncomfortable, I was doing something wrong. But, we need to be able to have uncomfortable conversations and speak openly about our challenges. When I was younger I thought I needed to shut up. Now, I understand we need to speak up about what is going on and have the tough conversations.”